Animation – Love Story

“A Short Love Story in Stop Motion” is simply the perfect integration of animation, story and music. This animation was made by artist Carlos Lascano. He has worked with McDonalds, Telefonica and other big companies. He was also won awards for his impressive artwork. But we can’t help but to focus on his animation above. He used a series of techniques to make this animation, like stop motion, video, illustration and computer effects and pci concursos. It is a beautiful story of two people in love… and the music, oh the music. The soundtrack for this video is a song by one of the most epic/legendary bands of the planet… Sigur Ros. Check the video and more of Carlos’ works on the links below.

Music – Lily Allen remix by Dr. Rosen Rosen (FREE ALBUM!)

It is finally out!!!! Dr. Rosen Rosen remix of Lily Allen’s album is finally up for free download. Dr. Rosen Rosen remixed each and every song from Lily’s latest album “It’s Not Me, It’s You”. The great thing about it, it is completely different from 90% of the remixes. Most of the remixes you hear today are just the song on a faster pace and a beat on the background, but not in this album. Dr. Rosen Rosen placed her vocals on his own new mixes and beats… giving the album a whole new feel. The album is now called “It’s Not Me, It’s Dr. Rosen Rosen”, and it feels like a fantastic journey through a dreaming mind. It is filled with natural, organic sounds but also electronic synths… Below you will find one of the songs for streaming, the link for the FREE download of the entire album… and also, his twitter of course…

Lily Allen – F**k You (Dr. Rosen Rosen Remix)

Animation – Eat Local

Hellmann’s gonna save Canada. This is a phenomenal animation by Crush Inc. I was amazed by how well they integrated video footage, stop motion techniques and 3-d animation in such a way that turned out to be so entertaining. It shows the consequences of importing food from other countries and encourages people to eat local (I’m a big advocate of buying local, maybe that’s what got me). It is so informative and yet, so pleasant to the eyes. Check it out.

Music – Free Single by Miracles of Modern Science

Miracles of Modern Science came to exixtence in 2004 at Princeton University, by orchestra drop-outs and jazz band rejects. Their first EP was composed and recorded in basements and dorm rooms. Their songs are full or strings and a catchy rhythm. The entire composition of vocals, drums, strings, and lyrics makes you think you are listening to a futuristic mid 1800’s band.

They worked hard this summer and released a single called “Bossa Supernova”. Which now they put up for free download and streaming. I heard it and it is extremely good. You really should check it out… I mean, it’s free! And I’m also providing you a link to the free and legal download of their EP… and again, check it out… no need to repeat why…

Download “Bossa Supernova” (Right-Click and “Download Linked File” or “Save As…” or whatever shows up)
Download their FREE EP here

Free Streaming of “Bossa Supernova”

Video – The Humanthesizer

Ok, get some really smart engineers, then get some really attractive bikini models, and add some musicians to it… You got the Humanthesizer… This is nothing instruments embedded in the human body through technology. So instead of hitting the keys or strings to make sound, you move your body. Weird? Well, check it out… it’s fun.

View the YouTube Video

Animation – Anchored

Here is the most beautiful and touching animation I’ve ever seen in my life… My eyes teared up and I almost, almost cried. It is 2 minutes and 52 seconds of beauty, warmth, and love… This animation was a thesis project by Lindsay Olivares… She could portray an entire love-story in such a short time. The characters go through hard times, absence, redemption and most importantly… a happy ending… I’m full of hope and warmth after this video… Thank you Lindsay, thank you.

PS. The song used is, Happy Ending by Mika

Video/Photography – Neil Krug

Neil Krug is an outstanding director and photographer. People put vintage shades on their models, make the picture yellowish, and add some scratches to it and call their art retro; Neil is not one of those. He is one of the very best when it comes to vintage, retro photography. He captures the essence, feel, style of the past years in such a way, it really feels like you found his work stored in your grandmas attic for the past 50 years. Below are a link to his Flickr portfolio and a link to a video he directed… then you will know why I said what I said.